fund_dollarsignTeam Blue Is A Proud Local Fundraiser!

Team Blue takes pride in giving back to the local community in which we live and work. Team Blue will donate to non-profit group fundraising efforts for each completed exterior and interior hand wash card redeemed and paid for at Team Blue. The program is simple. Stop by your local Team Blue Hand Car Wash center and pick up a packet of complimentary fundraising cards for your non-profit group, fill in your organization’s name and distribute them to the public. Once Team Blue receives the cards back from paying customers, we will add up the number of cards received and pay your group, on a monthly basis, for each card that was redeemed.

No Cost to your Organization or Charity. No Cash to Collect within your Organization or Charity. JUST RECEIVE MONEY!

Ask a manager at Team Blue TODAY for more information about our Great Local Fundraising Program!